Saturday, March 7, 2009

For the love of beer

Since meeting MBW, moving to Texas, and visiting Eno's on a regular basis, I've become an amateur beer lover/taster. Just like wine, I can taste the different notes- honey, florals, hops, etc. Also, unlike wine, beer never gives me a headache afterwards. After mentally making it ok in my mind to be a beer lover, I've jumped off a beer cliff. Since starting Weight Watchers to get both my weight and blood sugar under control, I haven't imbibed much, mostly due to knowledge that when drinking beer, fattening food like pizza is normally involved.

Well folks, I found the best blog entry ever! First, its super fab to find a beer blog written by a woman, second, she has calories/ww points with them! I can enjoy without guilt now!

We're off to the Irish festival this afternoon with MBW's brother (A) and sister in law (J). Now I know that I can enjoy a Harp (versus a Guinness, which I always thought would be better for you- go figure) and a walk! Now I just have to stay away from the food, which shouldn't be a huge problem. I was never a fan of the food while I was in the country itself or at the Festival...

And for no real reason- my favorite Beers/Ales

New Belgium Mothership Whit
New Belgium Blue Paddle
Dales Pale Ale
Pyramid Apricot Ale
Brother Thelonious
Blue Moon
Left Hand Milk Stout

What are your favorites/recommendations to a newer lover of beer?


The Miller Menagerie said...

If you like New Belgium's stuff, I highly recommend their Fat Tire Amber Ale. It was our introduction to New Belgium.

Drew LOVES (and is an :) ) Arrogant Bastard.

Anonymous said...

Ooh very handy! Wish it had a few NZ beers but still good to see, thanks for sharing the link.

baburgess said...

I too love Left Hand's Milk Stout and Dale's Pale Ale (or anything else by Oskar Blues)! - Bethany

The Clangleys said...

I am a big fan of Weyerbachers Heresy Stout, blue chimay, and a beer you can only find right before christmas at Total Wine (in my parts that is) Winters Bourbon cask ale. Cheers

The Mad Doctor said...

I want to visit Texas immediately to have a beer with you - fantastic taste for a "newbie"