Friday, May 28, 2010


Normally I like the word regression.  It inspires me to think of all kinds of fun statistics and math pleasure.  Unfortunately, this is not the kind of regression I'm experiencing now.

Mr. Andrew is schedule to make his entrance by c-section on 6/30- and I'm completely useless.  I can't make decisions.  Example:  I had to message a friend last night because I couldn't decide/know if onsies/footie pajamas/a partridge in a pear tree should be hung or folded.  WHO CARES!  I should have just made a decision and gone with it.  I also find myself diapering teddy bears and researching things that aren't important in the scheme of things until I'm blue in the face.  UGH. 

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Cloth Diapering Update

So, we’re in for a run of cloth diapering. We’ve had amazing support from the ladies in blogworld and from our local mom’s group. We’ve had mommies and daddies go so far as to offer to walk us through a day of diaper washing. Pretty awesome advice was given and I feel VERY supported.

So far we are planning to use disposables until he’s >10 lbs so that we don’t have as many one size diaper fit problems. I think Janet also plans to use disposables if she’s out and about with the baby, but I’m leaning towards just learning to use the wet bag.
Diaper Stash so far:

6 GroBabys + 8 extra shells/soakers (4 gently used from Craigslist, 2 new, but discounted due to GroBaby becoming GroVia.
2 Flips + 6 inserts ( did a 15% off with the code MAY15!)
3 Bumgenius 3.0 One Size (Gently Used)
2 FuzziBunz One Size (Gently Used)
2 Happy Heiny’s One Size (Gently Used)

Am I missing any that you absolutely love?

I’m also going to supplement the stash with some prefold and cover goodness. I found a local green diaper service that also sells intro sets for a reasonable price. Get this, the super nice lady who runs the service is even going to prep them for me!!! (The one thing of which I’m most fearful)

After practicing putting all the diapers above on various teddy bears last night, it seems that using prefolds and covers couldn’t be much more difficult. I haven’t diapered a baby in a LONG time, so I have a feeling many more teddy bear diaper sessions will be in order. I need to find out if I have any friends who have newborn size dolls…

So far, my favorite cloth diapering websites are:
DiaperPin: Holy Info Batman!
Nicki’s Diapers: Good prices and an outstanding gently used section
Cloth Diaper Outlet: Fast shipping, good sales

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Nursery in progress part 2

There are few things better in life than having smart and organized women take over for a weekend.

Before Janet's cousin and niece arrived our nursery looked like this:

We would walk in and just stare because we didn't even know where to start.  We had been given so many awesome things by our coworkers- but where do you start organizing?

They got us rolling some basic organizational tips like- lets get all the clothes out of the bags and stack by size, lets group towels and bath stuff here, etc.

By the time they left, everything had a place and even pictures were up.

All we need now is a lamp for the rocker, floating shelfs behind the rocker, floating shelves to the left of the changer, and diaper pails.  We not sure if we are going to leave the bean bag chair in, but if we don't, we have an empty corner.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Nursery in Progress

So we've finally relieved Andrew's room of its previous toilet yellow coloring.  The fresh white walls should do well with the bright art we have in stock.  We're still trying to decide what color to paint the "accent wall".

So, what we have now:

Ikea dresser turned changing table:

Now I'm waiting for these to get here:

Other things we need to do include:
  • Finalize accent wall paint color (some form of green)
  • Get the curtains shortened- we're having about 2 feet taken out of the white part.

  • Put up art/prints
  • Find a mobile- seriously- I never thought mobile finding would be this hard.  If you've seen fabulous and bright mobiles, or black and white mobiles- send me links!!!
  • Find an ottoman- also much harder than I thought- small room means small but functional ottoman.  So far, this one is at the top of the list, primarily just because we haven't found anything else that size.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Oil in the Gulf leads to exploration of cloth diapering?

I'm pissed/heartbroken about the oil in the gulf. I've irrationally been breaking down in the car every time NPR has an update on the situation. The beaches of the Florida panhandle, where I learned to swim, thought crabs were going to get my toes and escaped to as a teenager are at risk because of people like me...who often talk "green" and have generally "green" feelings- but don't act. We use plastics like there going out of style. I work 30 miles from home and yet talk up the need for walkable community. While Dallas has public transit, I've get to get on it. We thought about cloth diapering and then decided to use disposable, because its "too much work".

If I'm going to irrationally tear up in the car because my "happy place" is being threatened by oil- I might as well do one little thing to cut down on some environmental impact- so, we're back on a cloth diaper track.

So, for you cloth diapering mamas/dads out there, if both parents worked, how did you make it work? What did your diaper/wash schedule look like?

What diapers would you recommend for a boy?

What are the must have accessories?

Did you use a service? (I like the idea of water/washing economies of scale obtained through a green service).

General wisdom?