Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Finally a TTC update!

:::does happy dance to fertility deities:::

We finally got our property tax refund (part of the IVF cost) and I'm now comfortable taking a 401K loan for the rest (arrrrrrrrrgh!).

Janet has a polyp removed on Friday- shouldn't be a big deal, but I really don't want to see her in pain :c( We're planning on a homebody weekend full of couch snuggling, old movies and crappy food. Anyone have any experience with polyp removal they want to share? We've been told it's like a very crampy period.

With the polyp removed and the amount of time that it takes for the 401K loan to process, I'm thinking we will be on the September cycle- perhaps earlier, but I would rather be less optimistic.

I need to schedule my battery of FDA mandated tests for egg donors. I think its so funny that men can donate sperm to their wives for iui and not have to go through an FDA panel, but I do to donate it to my wife (yes, I know, Texas, USA doesn't consider us married). Lets hope the track marks don't disqualify me ;c). I wonder how many of the FDA tests I can get my insurance to pay for by just asking for them as part of a routine physical?


cindyhoo2 said...

Yay on the TTC front. excellent news! As for the FDA panel thing, YES! J and I had the same arguement with our doctor. It seems so unfair to treat GLBT folks differently than the straight world.

N said...

Ugh, annoying panel! Boo.

I had a polyp removed last summer, in a hysteroscopy, polypectomy and D&C. It was really super easy, though I was scared going into it, as I'd never had surgery or been put to sleep before. I was told I might spot for up to 2 weeks after - I only spotted for a few hours, and most people I know didn't spot for more than a few days. There was some discomfort, but nothing I would call pain, just sort of "ooch". If that makes sense. I stayed in bed most of that day, but was up and about the next day, went to the zoo with my mom and such. I had taken the rest of the week off of work (my surgery was on a Tuesday, I think?), and was glad to have the free time, but didn't need it to recover.

Good luck to Janet!

Anonymous said...

congrats on making progress toward a sept cycle - how exciting! :D

my dp had a polyp removed earlier this spring. she stayed in bed the day of (and had some spotting), but was up and running the next day. hope it goes smoothly for janet on friday.

Anonymous said...

I think the FDA mandates tests for everyone as part of IVF - married or not. I've been trying to get out of it since our clinic had us do it last year. No such luck.

I had a laparoscopy, hysteroscopy, polypectomy, d&c in May. I had spotting for about a week. So long as you aren't having the laparoscopy part, I'm sure recovery will be speedy.

Yay for a september cycle!