Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Not much to blog about?

My darling wife is sleeping all the time and has to pee every hour- and we are waiting patiently for her sonogram next Wednesday.  Other than that, I have little to update on.  In the spirit of many of my other favorite blogs- what should we post about?

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Heather said...

What are you gals thinking about? What do those early pregnancy plans include? Is it too soon for names? Nursery? Clothes? Gender hopes? Announcements? Religious events? How will you tell family and friends? When will you tell them? Are you thinking about labor and delivery yet? Eating anything special? Avoiding anything other than the pregnancy basics? Creating things? Avoiding things? Anything!

Sharing what it feels like just past ttc would be so great to read about. It seems blogs cover ttc until they choke on it. Then disappear in early pregnancy until just before birth, or into the third trimester, and then onto parenting.

I know all about those parts, I want to hear about this part. How does it feel? What are you thinking?