Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Cloth Diapers Rock: The first 10 lbs

I think I posted a long time ago in a far away place about our using cloth diapers. We were originally going to wait until Will hit the 10 lb mark. A horrible case of diaper rash, little clear mini marble things being left on Will’s parts from both Huggies and Pampers, and ill fits of aforementioned brands prompted us to start MUCH earlier. Because he was so little when he came home, we didn’t have a single AIO/Pocket diaper that would fit.

What did work:
Osocozy unbleached cotton prefolds.
I purchased these gently used on a whim. In the infant size, they were pretty big, but I could just fold down the top a bit and not only did it fit well, he had more absorbency where he needed it. I found that while I could have just trifolded them in a cover, a well placed Snappi kept them nice and fitted around the legs.

• Thirsties covers
These are wonderful. Both the duo size 1 snapped down to its smallest setting and the XS worked like charms. The leg gussets really helped prevent any leaking/blow outs. Did I mention how great the colors are?

Kissaluvs Fitted
We were given a bunch of size 1’s at a shower, and I could actually make them work. While looking around to buy more, I found out they make a size 0 specifically for newborns. Oh my gosh, they are the best things EVER. Super soft, super easy- I wish that I had started off with a full stash of Kissaluvs.  Recently I'm on a kick to buy majority USA/Canada made and was thrilled to find out Kissaluvs are made in Texas.  I ordered several seconds from their website and had a great experience- they even through in free wipes.

• Wool Covers
I bought a couple of hand knitted ones on Ebay. They were cute, had draw strings at the waste and never leaked. I recently washed them with Eucalan and found the process easy enough, but they definitely need another lanolizing session. Eucalan, even after soaking for 6 hours, didn’t leave enough lanolin in the wool to keep it from wicking. Lesson learned: Just use the instructions on DiaperPin instead of trying to do it the “easy” way.

Washing Routine: Easy peasy! I wash the pail when it looks like its halfish full. I do a warm rinse (in Texas, even our cold tap water is warm!), warm wash with Rockin Green’s Hard Rock (Also made in Texas), extra rinse (cold, warm, whatever), and then line dry.  I'm tempted to try Crunchy Clean, another small US company, but, so far, if RnG works, I can' really justify switching.

Normally, I’m THRILLED with line drying. It’s a few minutes of peace in the sunshine every few mornings. This morning, it rained, I’m less thrilled. Two loads of diapers, wet bags, and wipes are now soaked because I thought the rain was showing up at 6 pm today instead of 6 am. Ugh.

Oh, and I forgot to mention, cloth wipes- best things ever! They are so much easier for cleaning up “messes” and I don’t have to have an extra trash can in Will’s room. I really really like the wipes I bought from Quilter’s Nappies. When I run out, I move on to baby washcloths. They work great as well. The official biggest waste of money ever? The Prince Lionheart Wipes Warmer. It molded my wipes! I kept thinking something smelled funny and low and behold, mildew. I’ve moved to just a Gladware container with wipes and diaper solution (water, tea tree oil, a little baby wash) and its working great.

Next up:
Cloth Diapers Rock:  Going to Daycare!


Anonymous said...

It sounds like you've found some excellent solutions! When our son was still tiny we also loved polar babies covers. They work much like wool covers do, plus they're very soft and have a great fit. We found a couple on ebay--our favorite covers ever.

cindyhoo2 said...

I am so glad to see this post. Thank you. People make me feel crazy for wanting to CD. Tonight I will read this to Joey. Today, I will buy some more cloth diapers. :)

Meredith said...

I'll have to go check out Polar Babies! Thanks for the recommendation.

Cloth diapers are going to be SO much cheaper for you all Ms. Cindy! I really can't get over how much money I'm saving. Check out Nicki's Diapers. She has a gently used section. Also, Kissaluvs offers seconds (which have looked just like firsts to me!) as do most of the other diaper makers.

Eucalan said...

Congratulations on the safe arrival of William! Thank you for your mention of Eucalan. A lot of mums use Eucalan for washing their cloth diapers as well as all their baby clothing, blankets and stuffies. Eucalan has only a small percentage of lanolin though, so it helps soften fibres and for diapers it will extend the time between lanolizing, but you do need to lanolize. You've made a great decision on using cloth!

Jennifer - Managing Director - Eucalan Inc.

Meredith said...

Wow Jennifer- thanks for your response! Thanks for letting me know about the lanolin content and the need to add a little extra. I adore the smell and ease of use of the Eucalan, so I'll just add extra lanolin after the wash!