Thursday, March 25, 2010

Baby wearers/Potential Baby wearers

Ok people, I'm a discount baby site whore- and I need to share one of the deals with you baby wearing people. has Organic Ergo's onsale for ~$70, shopping ~$10.  The one that I just bought is $109 on amazon, so even after shipping, I just saved myself $29.

I still think I want to Moby wrap too- what do you all think?


K said...

Great sale, huh? I emailed the link to several friends this morning. I've never seen Ergos priced so low!

I say get a Moby as well. They function very differently and both are perfect for the respective developmental stages in which you use them. We loved the Moby from birth until 5-6 months and the Ergo has been a lifesaver since then.

Anonymous said...

I love the moby style of wrap. I've used it with twins up to nine months or so - both in it at the same time. Love it.