Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Nursery in progress part 2

There are few things better in life than having smart and organized women take over for a weekend.

Before Janet's cousin and niece arrived our nursery looked like this:

We would walk in and just stare because we didn't even know where to start.  We had been given so many awesome things by our coworkers- but where do you start organizing?

They got us rolling some basic organizational tips like- lets get all the clothes out of the bags and stack by size, lets group towels and bath stuff here, etc.

By the time they left, everything had a place and even pictures were up.

All we need now is a lamp for the rocker, floating shelfs behind the rocker, floating shelves to the left of the changer, and diaper pails.  We not sure if we are going to leave the bean bag chair in, but if we don't, we have an empty corner.


N said...

It looks great!

anofferingoflove said...

looks wonderful - i love the green wall!!

Malea said...

Organization is my life's blood.It makes things so much easier and less stressful.You'll find that out when the babe shows up and everything you need is right at your finger tips and you don't have to look for it.

Good you had folks around that get a kick out of it:)

P said...

Looks really good. I love the animal baskets in the shelf.

mommiesinthemaking said...

It looks fantastic! I love the prints above the crib.