Thursday, May 27, 2010

Cloth Diapering Update

So, we’re in for a run of cloth diapering. We’ve had amazing support from the ladies in blogworld and from our local mom’s group. We’ve had mommies and daddies go so far as to offer to walk us through a day of diaper washing. Pretty awesome advice was given and I feel VERY supported.

So far we are planning to use disposables until he’s >10 lbs so that we don’t have as many one size diaper fit problems. I think Janet also plans to use disposables if she’s out and about with the baby, but I’m leaning towards just learning to use the wet bag.
Diaper Stash so far:

6 GroBabys + 8 extra shells/soakers (4 gently used from Craigslist, 2 new, but discounted due to GroBaby becoming GroVia.
2 Flips + 6 inserts ( did a 15% off with the code MAY15!)
3 Bumgenius 3.0 One Size (Gently Used)
2 FuzziBunz One Size (Gently Used)
2 Happy Heiny’s One Size (Gently Used)

Am I missing any that you absolutely love?

I’m also going to supplement the stash with some prefold and cover goodness. I found a local green diaper service that also sells intro sets for a reasonable price. Get this, the super nice lady who runs the service is even going to prep them for me!!! (The one thing of which I’m most fearful)

After practicing putting all the diapers above on various teddy bears last night, it seems that using prefolds and covers couldn’t be much more difficult. I haven’t diapered a baby in a LONG time, so I have a feeling many more teddy bear diaper sessions will be in order. I need to find out if I have any friends who have newborn size dolls…

So far, my favorite cloth diapering websites are:
DiaperPin: Holy Info Batman!
Nicki’s Diapers: Good prices and an outstanding gently used section
Cloth Diaper Outlet: Fast shipping, good sales


N said...

I wrote a post about all the different types that we've got and what I like/don't like about them a bit ago... I can find the link, if you'd like. I found that I loved fitteds much more than I thought I would. We like our GroBabies. Like them better than the flips, but the flip covers seem to hold up better. We're now using them as covers for other things, too.

It looks like you've got a good selection, with the prefolds in there, so I'd probably wait and see what you end up liking - it may not be what you think it is! And wait a while - we loved the velcro, until it started catching on everything in the wash and making the diapers pill (yes, even with the laundry tabs).

anofferingoflove said...

sounds like you are all set!! so exciting!

using the wet bag while out really isnt any more difficult than taking disposables and plastic bags to throw them away in. i think you'll find it becomes second nature. have you ordered a couple?

Anonymous said...

I love that site, diaperpin.

I'm very excited for you - can't wait until we get to use ours too!

Also - couldn't comment that day - but loved the nursery progress photos!

K said...

Looks like you're in good shape! I second the comment about trying what you have before making any more purchases. I ended up liking things more/less than I thought I would as I gained more experience. I also agree that using a wet bag while out is sooo easy. Another plug for sticking with cloth even while out (and one I didn't anticipate in advance) is you may find your baby's clothes fit differently over cloth than disposables. We buy my sons pants to fit over a fluffy butt so if we change him into a disposable for a diaper rash or something, his pants don't stay up!

I know you will love cloth diapering. It's totally addictive. :-)

cindyhoo2 said...

Great plan. I am going to be so excited to hear about your cloth diapering adventures.

The nursery looks great. Yay for helpful relatives!!