Friday, October 22, 2010

My sister in law is having twins.  We're invited to her showers and I'm at a loss as to what to buy.  I know all of the things that have been most helpful to us thus far:  Velcro swaddles, bouncy seats, high end baby swing, boob like bottles, quantities of clothing and swaddles that stretch my laundry intervals, etc.  What I don't know is, what things might be uniquely helpful to parents of twins?  She's registered for everything and the kitchen sink but it completely open to whatever she receives.  HELP moms of multiples!  I know you're out there!

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luckyduck said...

Is she planning on breastfeeding. . . I like the EZ2Nurse twin nursing pillow. You can find it online. It saved me!

If she isn't breastfeeding, here is a bottle system that is great for hands-free bottle feeding. My sister would sit on the floor and put a baby on each side of her and hold the bottle. She still got to snuggle, but could feed them at one time. It is hard to bottle feed two without needing to prop and it really isn't safe to prop a bottle.

Also dinners for the first few weeks were really helpful and amazing.