Tuesday, November 2, 2010

4 months

Dear William,

You were four months old yesterday. In one breath it seems like we’ve been together forever and in another it seems like no time at all. During your appointment today, I couldn’t help but beam with pride as you showed off for Dr. Rogers. You two chatted like you had not spoken for ages. You’re starting to make not just one coo but a variety. You smiled and batted the eyelashes of your big blue eyes like a professional flirt. You also had to show how strong you were by grabbing Dr. R’s hands and shirt and pulling your neck up to the sky while on your tummy. While I already knew you could roll over, you almost did it for Dr. R.

Now for a little mushy stuff. I never thought I would be that mom. You know, the ones who have to leave parties early because they just cant bear to be away from their kids?. On Saturday, your mommy and I became those moms. You were scheduled to hang out with Marissa the super sitter from 7 to midnight so we could dance the night away at a Halloween party. About 9 your mommy and I looked at each other and both decided that we missed you too much to stay! All we wanted was to hang out with you and listen to you laugh and make funny faces. I believe that will be a common trend. Not only do we love every ounce of you, forever and ever, but think you’re pretty darn cool too!


Anonymous said...

What a sweet face!!

Melissa said...

He is SO cute!! Where did you get that outfit!?! I love it!

cindyhoo2 said...

Hello, just thinking of you. Hoping all is well.