Friday, April 1, 2011

Day 1- Introduce, recent picture, 15 interesting facts

My name is Meredith and I’m feisty, outspoken, and sarcastic.  While I’m a corporate stooge by day, my most important jobs are as fiercely devoted wife to Janet and non birth giving mother grizzly to Will.  While working, I’m also getting my MBA.  I’ve been saying that for several years now, but I keep changing concentrations (now finance) and adding necessary classes.  I adore adore adore business as a whole and its quirks.  I’m the kind of person who walks into any place of business and automatically starts thinking about business strategy, operational costs, etc…  I mentioned being a corporate stooge above- I try to make amends with the universe by being as granola crunchy as possible at home.  We cloth diaper and baby wear.  We try to compost as much as possible, and though lacking a green thumb, participate in a local CSA for organic and as local as possible fruits, vegetables milk, and meats. I over evangelize on all of the above, but luckily my friends still love me!

A Picture (I don't normally let people take pics of me- so I had to dig back to a Mardi Gras parade where others were taking random pics).  Janet (my better half) is the other person waving.

15 interesting facts:
1. I write (as in with a pen or pencil) so rarely I sometimes I forget what my signature looks like.
2. I once competed in the little miss mullet festival pageant.
3. I have been described as having a laptop growing out of my hip.
4. I can stalk anything or anyone across the internet faster than some people blink, I should have been a PI!
5. I’m too lazy to have style- Its easiest to walk in a store, tell them how much I want to spend and how many outfits I want and have them bring stuff to me.
6. That said, I love a bargain. Goodwill, Salvation Army- particularly those near high brow neighborhoods- W00t!
7. I must always live in a house with a front porch.
8. We were late for our son’s birth.
9. I’m that creepy person that randomly smiles at you in the grocery aisle, especially if you are looking down or grimacing.
10. I get excited over nonstandard color schemes for Converse.
11. I was recently introduced to fried pickles and Indian Chinese Food- they are both new addictions.
12. I found out at age 27 I was adopted. Mostly over the issues, but they still come up occasionally- followed by a rant of some sort.
13. Most of my friends in High School lived in a town called Niceville, Florida. Niceville really exists.
14. I recently started running again but am experiencing a whole new set of discomforts. The weirdest and most impactful seems to be arch cramping. Who knew it was possible for an arch to cramp?
15. I knew I was going to marry and make babies with my wife after knowing her for three weeks.

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