Saturday, April 2, 2011

I turned 9 months old yesterday!

I turned 9 months old yesterday and all my momma did was post a meme :cp;;;;.  I will be staying up an extra hour and whining just for that!

As my momma was feeding me bananas this morning and my mommy was making funny faces, I was thinking about my favorite foods.  I don't really like the foods momma makes and purees for me- I would rather have the "real food" my momma makes.  I like spaghetti with carrots and cauliflower.  I like roasted turnips with a little red chili.  I like spaghetti squash with red chard and white beans.  Momma and mommy think I'm a pretty weird kid.  They do however totally understand when I want to eat breakfast with them- Greek yogurt with fresh strawberries and mango is THE BEST!

Ohohoh, and I need to tell you about my favorite stuff!  I love love love to hop.  Mommy put up this thing that hangs from a door way.  They put me in it and I can jump and walk- and play with cool toys.  I've also discovered grass.  I like to grab it in fist fulls and act like I'm eating it.  I thought it would have a better effect on momma, but every time I do it, she just tells mommy I'm getting my daily fiber- whatever that means!

I still refuse to crawl.  Crawling isn't for the gilded aristocracy!  Don't they know where I come from?  I don't need to get my toys for myself- I have momma and mommy for that!

Ok, I have to sign off now, I think they snoring moms are waking up.  I would be in SO much trouble if they knew I could type.

Until next time,


Anonymous said...

He just gets cuter and CUTER!

Joanna said...

So cute! Such a great write for 9 months too!