Sunday, February 7, 2010

First Negative Reaction

I tend to live my life in an up front sort of way.  If you are going to talk about your family, I'm going to talk about mine, without regard to how it may be different than yours.  Its led to fairly open and respectful relationships with everyone I choose to allow into my life.

We don't choose our family- and hence, when my sister found out we were expecting, 2nd hand accounts recount she went through the roof.  She's a very conservative Christian Republican who lives in Alabama.  Need I say more?  I'm a bit unsettled- but then again, she didn't respond to our wedding invitation, so why would this be any different?

I truly shoudn't care.  She and I didn't grow up together- she's more than 20 years my senior-we're not biologically related.  I really don't want to care.                   


anofferingoflove said...

Still, that sucks and is painful. I'm sorry. ((()))
it's probably cliche (and unhelpful) but it really is her loss.

Rainbow Family (B and J) said...

Sorry to hear about your sister. I have had some negative reactions from my family but am just trying to focus on all the really positive people around us

cindyhoo2 said...

It sucks that she couldn't just be excited for you. I hope you will not allow her to steal even a tiny ounce of your joy.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry. How frustrating. If only people could appreciate how important love and commitment are - in every family. My family are conservative southern Baptists living in Michigan, also very Republican. It isn't easy and often tough, but keep at it. Keep pushing people to change. Keep showing the love that you are.

Your perspective is similar to mine, respectful sharing, but I'm more persistent when it comes to my family. I don't know why. They are actually step-family and could walk away if they wanted, I know they disagree with homosexuality, but for some reason they don't. So I just keep loving them and sharing my love.

Wish it were easier. Wish everyone would smother you with love and well wishes. Maybe there will be some really awesome in your life to make up for the few less-than-ideal.

Susan Goldberg & Chloe Brushwood-Rose said...

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