Thursday, February 4, 2010

We Heart G.AP Maternity

So my beautiful wife (as was mentioned in my last post) is almost past the Bella/Be Band stage and into the maternity clothes.  My dearest is not a fan of ruffles, bows, low cut, smocked, swirly/frilly print type clothes- leaving us rather baffled by most things at T.arget, M.otherhood, etc.  G.ap Maternity has been our saving grace.  They have normal button up work shirts AND pants in ankle length for her lower height (If I called her short she would kick my rear!).  Today we ordered two more pairs of work pants, jeans and a plethora of shirts.  I'm saying all of this as a lead in to our conversation. 

I emailed her a confirmation of the order.

Her Reply:  Do you think not eating out for 2 weeks with cover this?
My Response:  Consider them your Valentines day gift?
Her Reply:  No, we aren't spending money on Valentine's Day gifts. How about, "you are carrying my spawn and it is making you pee all night long" gift?

"you are carrying my spawn and it is making you pee all night long"- Quote of the Week!


Kathryn said...

Hi Meredith! I would love to share our password with you but am not sure how... Do you have an email/about page that I somehow missed? Hmm... that being said, is there a way to email me from my blog "about" page? Hmm... I clearly need to understand wordpress better! Am working on it...

anofferingoflove said...

That's too funny!!

I loved gap (and old navy) maternity clothes too. I don't know if you saw these or not, on the gap webpage, under nursing/sleepwear there are "supersoft nursing tops". They are *wonderful*! I bought all three colors and lived in them my entire maternity leave. I'd highly recommend them.