Friday, September 4, 2009

IVF Protocol v2

So the latest and greatest protocol start dates:

Janet- 9/10
Meredith- 9/14

Meredith- 9/26

That seems like a helluva lot o Lupron.

On another note- we'll stop our cocktail drinking habit when we start the Lupron, so to go out with a bang, and in celebration of the recurring '70's Casserole and Movie Night we have with our friends, tonights cocktails are:

The Alabama Slammer
1/2 part Vodka
1/2 part Southern Comfort
1/2 part Sloe Gin
1/2 part Amaretto
OJ to taste

Freddy Fudpucker
1 part Tequila
1/2 part Galliano (I have no idea what this is, but I guess I'll find out when I get to the store!)
4 parts OJ

The Casseroles are known as Tatertot Casserole and Open Cans Chicken Casserole. I'm sure I'll have something smart alec to say about those later.

Movie: H.O.T.S

To my US friends- have a great labor day weekend!


anofferingoflove said...

sounds like a wonderful last hurrah! enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Um, can I hang out with you girls? p.s. In Minnesota we call that a Hot Dish...

Growing up Clangley said...

Sounds great! I love theme get togethers!

I have some questions for you about the egg donor thing. Come on over to our site and let me know your thoughts.