Monday, September 28, 2009

Protocol Crap- Feel Free to skip

For my sanity, I'm going to log protocol details and E2 levels.  I know its boring.

9/26-Stim Day 1- 175 iu Follistim (Puregon), 5 units Lupron
9/27-Stim Day 2- 175 iu Follistim (Puregon), 5 units Lupron
9/28-Stim Day 3- E2 Level 55, 200 iu Follistim (Puregon), 5 units Lupron
9/29-Stim Day 4- 175 iu Follistim (Puregon), 5 units Lupron
9/30-Stim Day 5- 200 iu Follistim (Puregon), 5 units Lupron

10/1-Stim Day 6- E2 Check?

They said the E2 level was good, but in reading online, it looks like of low for two days at that level of Follistim.  Opinions?  Trying not to be obsessive.


Pufferfish said...

Our protocol was completely different. The egg donor did Menopur and NO Lupron, so I can't guess on the outcome here because all things are not equal.
However, the E2 does seem a little low, you are correct.
We did a megadose shot of Lupron one week before stimming so that's probably why we weren't doing both at the same time.
Is the recipient also doing Lupron? That's how we did it.
It's really too early to tell anything at point...but Game On!

Meredith said...

They've had both Janet and I on 2+ weeks of BCP's and 10 units of lupron. Right now she's on 5 units of lupron, estradiol tabs and vivelle dots. She had a visit with the dildo cam this morning and the lining looks good!

And you're right, its too early to tell :::runs off to obsess over ceasing to obsess:::

Anonymous said...

:) i dont think its possible to do ivf without obsessing!

my doc didnt give me my E2 numbers, just instructions on how to adjust the meds, so i have no help to offer. hope things continue to progress as your RE wants!