Sunday, January 31, 2010

Boy or Girl Countdown

15 days until we find out if we are having a boy or girl.

Based on heartbeat, Dr. thinks...Boy

Intelligender, purchased on a whim says...Boy

Actual measured heart rates indicate...Girl

We were hoping for...a baby with a functioning brain and body.

Regardless of s.ex, butterbean and any future siblings will be raised to with the same concepts of self reliance, respect, perseverance, and love. At first, I thought I had preferences- but really- no matter what, we will tailor anything we do to our specific child. I think that’s why having a gender neutral, fun nursery is so important to me...I want to find out who my child is versus telling them who I think they are. I know, in infancy, they really have no idea anyway, but it’s symbolic of what kind of parent I would like to be.

All of that being said- after our gender revealing sonogram, we will not pass go, will not collect $200-until something boy or girl specific has been purchased (but I'm going to try my hardest to ensure it isn't pink or blue!).

On a totally different note- we are getting a br.east pump for free! I think its the Medela Pump In Style. Preliminary research makes it sound like a pretty good one. Janet will have to use it when she goes back to work. Any thoughts?


Growing up Clangley said...

We are one week behind you and we cannot WAIT! 21 days and counting...We have two girls already so we are dying to see if for once we get a chance to buy swim trunks, cargo shorts and tighty whities or if we will be blessed with another wonderful girl, where we dont have to buy a thing if we dont want to! Cant wait to hear your good news!

Anonymous said...

we are 18 days away from our boy or girl ultrasound and I'm terrified we'll accidentally catch a glimpse! At the same time, I'm a little jealous of knowing... We're going to try to stick to it though - have a great scan!

Anonymous said...

I've had most of my moms [I'm a nanny] use that pump and love it. It's one of the top two on the market. Lucky you getting one for free!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for informing me about that is is a tax deduction! I was very pleased to read that. Since you are so knowledgeable on the subject, I have another question for you....Did you include the shipping costs into the price of the sperm?

Meredith said...

Growing up Clangley:

LoL, I hadn't even thought of buying cargo shorts and tighty whities- if we are in for a boy I'm in for a whole new ball game. Right now I swoon over cute dresses and rumba panties.


I absolutely did, along with shipping costs for all medications. I didn't do this, but we were even told to save our receipts for lunches/breakfasts that were related to our appointments.

anofferingoflove said...

just catching up on blogs (as i use my pump-in-style!). its a good back to work pump, seems to be doing the trick. i was toting it home every evening, and that became cumbersome, so now i just leave it at work and bring the accessories in each day (bottle, breast shields, etc).

cant wait to hear about the u/s results! we havent bought a single pink item, yet our daughter's closet is 75% pink thanks to hand-me-downs and gifts - its inevitable!