Friday, January 22, 2010

Morning giggle

Scenario:  Janet walks into the bedroom while getting ready, laments how large her breasts have become.

Me:  What can I do to make you feel beautiful?
Her:  Buy me pizza for dinner. 


cindyhoo2 said...

LOL too funny. Maybe she was thinking about perspective. When compared to a large, round pizza her breasts must look quite small.... ?... or maybe not.

But your reaction is sweet either way.

Gayby Rabies said...

Mmm, pizza. It's amazing how it just doesn't get old these days. That's a good idea, maybe I'll go out on my lunch break and find some pizza.

boo said...

All Justine craved during her first trimester was pizza. But we were living in SF and all she craved was NYC pizza. It was incredibly sad. The very first thing we did when we touched down in NYC was eat tons of pizza.

Obviously that pizza craving is intense for those pregnant ladies.