Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Girls Roadtrip Extraordinaire

Tomorrow, my dear friend Mariko and I will embark on a 5 day trip to the Florida Panhandle and back. While I’m a bit disappointed that Janet won’t be joining, this will be a girls road trip extraordinaire, featuring a night in New Orleans and 3 days of music goodness at the 30A Songwriters Festival.

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I’m completely thrilled. In true lesbian stereotype, I’m a swooning fan of the Indigo Girls and most specifically Amy Ray. The music festival appears to be a potpourri of artists, playing in jam sessions at bars along the beach. Friday night my favorite bar, the Red Bar, will host a session with Emily Saliers, Rodney Crowell, Chely Wright, and Gary Louris. I’m not familiar with all of those people, but if their jamming with Emily, how bad could it be? Amy Ray’s playing in a Jam session on Saturday nights, and then there is a general admission, open air Indigo Girls concert on Sunday Morning. I can’t wait to go from bar to bar looking for the best sounds- hopefully I’ll come home with 10 new to me artists to add to my ipod playlist.

I haven’t ever really been “home” as a tourist. It will be interesting to take a friend. Luckily she’s from Arkansas- so she’ll "get" the whole rural meets beach thing. While I can remember some of my favorite hang outs, after living elsewhere for so many years, things start to get a bit hazy. I’m pretty sure I can still navigate the area, but I know I’ll be shocked my how much things have grown. Getting to all of the jam sessions while also figuring what old haunts to visit is going to be hard. Did I mention that we’re going to get to hang out with one of my best friends from high school who I haven’t seen in ages?

Hopefully this will be a trip for new awesome memories with just a smattering of reliving old. I respect the past, but find the present to be so much more rewarding.

Pictures and road trip fun details to follow!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you all have a great trip planned, enjoy your mini vacation.

cindyhoo2 said...

I love love love love the Indigo Girls. Many of my happiest memories have Amy and Emily as the musical backdrop. I have seen them in concert many times and still try to see them every tour. Enjoy. IG and an old friend: sounds like a good time to me.

Defining Family said...

Wow! This trip looks awesome! Have a wonderful time and take lots of photos.

The Miller Menagerie said...

I LOVE Rodney Crowell's "Nobody Wins". He's originally from Del Rio, TX (where Drew's mom is from) and his folks were her folks' lawyer, so she's obsessed with him. Otherwise, the rest of his songs are listen-worthy , but not sure I'd buy them.