Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Long A$$ Post

The "state of the business" is fine. Dr. Wilson didn't have any concerns about me donating eggs to MBW. She did know that they couldn't do it there due to legal paperwork- I don't think they handle donor eggs at all, regardless of same sex couples. She initially referred me to Dr. Doody's Clinic- The Center for Assisted Reproduction, because he also practices at UTSW. Jennifer, Dr. Wilson's nurse (and the best nurse EVER!), called me this morning to let me know that Dr. Wilson had talked to Dr. Doody and they will not take us for "social reasons". I'm horrified, pissed, and feeling a bit activist. They are willing to allow single women to use donor eggs, but god forbid it be a same sex couple.

Luckily, Jennifer recommended another clinic- Dr. Sy Le of Advanced Reproductive Care Center of Irving. I called their office and asked up front if they had issues working with same sex couples. The immediate response was "absolutely not". I was very relieved and look forward to making an appointment there.

Now to the prior issue. In Texas, unlike California, I'm not sure if we have any legal recourse. Janet is calling a friend who is a lawyer and professor, we will see what happens. I'm also going to contact the Dallas Voice and every other venue at my disposal to convey the discrimination.


cindyhoo2 said...

Yay, that you can donate to your partner. Boo, for discrimination! I feel your pain. Here in TN, I made lots of calls to RE's office before I ever found a few practices willing to work with us. I am impressed with your activist spirit though.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

oh wow. that is really, really, REALLY offensive.

sorry you had to deal with that sh*t.

Anonymous said...

Wow that just sucks! Go the activist spirit! I'm glad that there is a clinic that you can use though, that's good news.

The Mad Doctor said...

Good grief, what asshats.
Makes me angry. Makes me sad.

Sending you energy, love, my fighting spirit and wishing for a Gabber soon!