Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I just booked a mini vacation for us to D.C. from March 18th through the 22nd! I love love love to play tourist there. So far, this will be one of the least expensive mini vacations ever. I used the last of my U.S. Air miles for our flights and booked a 4 star hotel on priceline for $90 a night (Omni Shoreham). The TripAdvisor reviews are pretty decent and its about a block from a metro stop. I don't think we will get a car because one of the things that I've loved most about being in D.C. for work in the past has been the public transportation.

So, we will be on vacation in D.C. and hopefully, MBW will be fighting off morning sickness while we're there. I think that's a pretty odd thing to wish for- but I'm pretty sure MBW would agree!

So far, on my list of places I would like to visit, pending MBW's agreement (along with the usual Smithsonian's):

The Newseum
The Capital Steps- the make me roll over laughing

What else might be off the beaten path? Recommendations?


N said...

I'm off the beaten path! ;-)

Meredith said...

If it's not totally stalker-esque- it would be totally awesome to meet up with some fellow ttc'ers!

Dinner- a show- a monument- anything fabulous that a tourist wouldn't find?

The Miller Menagerie said...

DC Shakespeare!! ( Best Shakespeare theater we've been to so far, and....Michael Kahn is its artistic director (

We saw Coriolanus (2000?), The Country Wife (2000?), A Midsummer Night's Dream (Can't remember when), and had tickets to the last night of Othello (05/06?), with Avery Brooks (of Deep Space Nine) in the lead...and couldn't find someone to watch Prue. :(