Thursday, February 5, 2009

I'm a spazz, comments to the universe

First of all, if you know me in RL, you know that I'm a royal pain in the ass when I want or need something done. I remember details and typically have a magic data collection spreadsheet in my head that can be used to drop a bomb in a moments notice. It's what makes me good at my job AND a terror to deal with. Unfortunately or fortunately, I approach the TTC journey with this same fervor and tracking.

My heads magic spreadsheet is plagued by the outlier that is Janet's cycle this month. If I were to create a Pareto chart of her day of ovulation, it would firmly show centralized points on days 9-11 and not fit the bell AT ALL- there were no outliers. This month is trying to push me over the edge. We decided to not do baseline sonograms this month because of her predictable ovulation, reliable follicle development and consistently perfect lining. Bad plan. Bad Bad plan. This was the month where we didn't detect ovulation on day 10 or day 11- or day 12 or or or. You get the picture. While it is her body, I'm the one that turns into a wreck when things don't go per my magic spreadsheet. I finally freaked out enough today to call our favorite doctors office and to give in on the sonogram- in fact, I was willing to beg/grovel for a sonogram.

Ladies and gents- she just called post sonogram. She has three beautiful follicles and has definitely not yet ovulated. She's on her way to pick up a trigger shot (Ovidril) and will ask her co-worker K (an extraordinary nurse and one of our best friends) to stick her as soon as she walks back into the office. We will go in for the IUI on Saturday morning!

Now for notes to the universe:

Dear Universe,

While I understand that the statistics are against us, we've defied the odds before. Who would have thought that a woman from Texas would meet a woman from Florida thanks to a last minute training class the Texas woman was asked to attend. Who would have thought that they would have been seated next to one another. Who would have known that their in class smart alec comments would later blossom into a cross state romance. Who would have thought that the cross state romance would actually last and turn into a home and a marriage based on mutual trust, support, respect and admiration.

Universe and fate, you've worked for us before- please help us make a baby, against the odds.


The Miller Menagerie said...

Does all of the bad IUI press lately freak y'all out? (serious question, not rhetorical)

Meredith said...

Hmmm, I'm not sure that I've seen any bad IUI press. Are you thinking of the IVF leading to higher birth defect rates press?

Jennifer said...

First off, good luck and I'll keep my fingers crossed for good things for this weekend.

Secondly, thank you for reminding me of the giant smirk across a mutual friend of ours' face after insuring you two sat next to each other for said training class.

The Miller Menagerie said...

Yeppers. Even though that chick did IVF, there has been tons of IUI talk since then. Folks didn't seem to know there were different ways to augment your conception chances. On an article that I was reading, it mentioned the Jon & Kate Plus 8 folks had their 6 (initially 7) from IUI. I don't watch the show, so I don't really know. But, a couple of talk radio segments I heard lately were focusing on IUI, IVF, and AI, and their slant was kind of frightening, I think mostly because the hosts didn't know there were so many methods that could be applied.

And, bad press was probably not a fair enough expression. It was more like, "misinformed/not completely educated press".

Meredith said...

I can understand how people can get all the acronyms confused (though I recently read that the word acronym is the wrong term and should only be used for first letters of words that when put together represent a new word- but I can't think of the correct term right now). Anything other than good old fashioned- sperm must first make it through an acidic environment to even compete for an egg- is a little scary. You are taking all of the "survival of the fittest" fail safes out of the process- which is what scares me the most. Multiple babies is also a wee bit scary.

When they did the sonogram today, she apparently had not 3, but 4 well developed follicles. Not that it is at all likely, but if a small miracle occurred, we could end up with 4 babies.

Anonymous said...

I love your letter to the universe and i truly hope it cooperates with you this time around too!!