Saturday, February 7, 2009

1 IUI down...

...13 days of fertilization and cell splitting to go.

Thanks to playing musical meetings at work, I couldn't be there for the big squirt. Apparently she had not 3, but 4 well developed and beautiful follicles raring to go.

We've decided to go the way of the paranoid and cut out all alcohol from this two week wait. It couldn't hurt and in the end, makes going to dinner much less expensive :c) It was rather odd going to the Stars hockey game last night and not drinking beer.

Speaking of hockey last night- I experienced two firsts. I had never been in a corporate box at the American Airlines Center and I had never been to a Stars game where they actually won! 10-2 against the NY Rangers. Go Stars! It was much like watching a ranked college team play a high school team. I was rather sad for the Rangers once it was 8-2.

It is tax time people! We received our refunds on Friday and already have them spent, at least on a spreadsheet.

To do:
Have relevant legal documents drafted, including but not limited to:
Wills, powers of attorney
Have windshield replaced on car
During last weeks Dallas ice storm, a small chip in my windshield turned into a crack that runs all the way from drivers side to passenger side
Full service on both cars, potentially new tires/breaks on the SUV
Full vet workups on all the animals
Supplement emergency fund

Just out of curiosity, do you, like me, use your refund on the elephants in the room that you know need to be taken care off, but that take a couple of months to afford, or do you use it for fun stuff like vacation, day trading accounts, etc?


Anonymous said...

good luck!!!!

we are using our tax refunds to pay off ttc debt. blah.

Anonymous said...

Ooh sounds good with 4 follies ready and waiting!

Good luck and here's hoping the next 13 days fly by!

The Miller Menagerie said...

Herd of elephants...

Went late on house payment when I had to get a crown, so catching up on that.
Stashing some into savings so that crap like root canals and crowns aren't causing us to go late on the house.
Paying for our synod trip in May.
If any is left after all of that (looks to be around $450), I might put hard flooring in the living room, the only room we know we want wood in, and not potentially tile. Craigslist has some click veneered, refinish-able flooring for within that price. I hope that holds true after next Friday (when our refund will supposedly arrive).

Jennifer said...

Lots of elephants here too. Between our tax refunds and our escrow refund this year we plan on having our hardwood floors refinished. Depending on what's left over after that the list could include: redoing the front porch floor, fixing the hole in the floor of the laundry room, finishing the conversion on our back in-law suite/garage or throwing it against debt.

Sadly, the only real splurge I've considered with it so far is buying the patio set I've been eyeing for the past 4 months.

cindyhoo2 said...

Oops I missed this post.

Good luck... 4 follies sounds very promising.

Yea, I think we will be applying any tax refunds to our TTC efforts.

BTW: I checked out your pics and we do have the same counter tops. I wish I could replace it but the darn thing is in such good shape.... aw well.

Baby Mama, Too said...

Usually a little bit of each, but last year I used (almost) 100% to pay for our(not legal) wedding ceremony.. That was a refreshing change...